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Continuing from my last thread, since it died.


I RMA'd the videocard as a lot of people reccomended, and they told me there was no fault in the videocard, but sent me a new one. Before RMA'ing the card, i reinstalled Windows and still had the issue. What other part should i test? The videocard people said it couldn't be the MB, as it wouldnt display that issue. I'm so confused, i've tried just about everything. What else could it be?
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  1. Did you or the computer shop you took this to every try another power supply? That Ultra PSU(despite having a lifetime warranty which they don't honor btw) are cheap piles. its a 750w psu but only has 45a on the 12v rail. A good 750w PSU like the Corsair HX750 has 62a. That's where I'd start. Unfortunately the error you are getting can be cause by numerous issues both hardware and software. By doing a clean reinstall(im assuming here your reinstall was clean) you eliminated the software side of it. Usually on the hardware side there are 2 main culprits he power supply not supplying enough power, or the video card itself. I have seen a bad monitor cable cause this issue as well, I caught that one by pure luck.
  2. It just did it again, so i'm going to call the computer shop and see if they ever checked the power supply
  3. i called, and they never checked the powersupply. All they checked was if the videocard was bad.
  4. That's were Id start then. Corsair, Pc Power and cooling, XFX, Seasonic, and OCZ are all quality PSU's.
  5. Could you link me one that you know will do the trick?
  6. I bought a new powersupply, and it's still crashing.. Please help me figure this out, this computer is starting to stress me out
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