barton 2500+ and EPoX 8K3A

Does anyone now if I can install a Barton 2500+ or 2700+ on a EPoX 8K3A rev1.0?
EPoX site lists a TBird 2600+ (MODEL 8)as the highest model possible.

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  1. The Bartons use FSB 333 and 400.
    The max I see for your board is 266.

    So I would think, <b>no</b> you can't.

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  2. You need a 133 fsb chip. The XP2400 would probably give you more than enough of a perf boost.
  3. Just so you know:
    The 8k3a supports 333 FSB as well.
    Any way I bought a 2700+ and it works just fine @ 166x2.

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  4. Hi,acron.There is one thing you need to know:166Mhz FSB is a OC mode,and the board may be damaged.
  5. not necissarly...

    The chipset may run hotter...but if it is stable no real harm IMO

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  6. Hi there. I have the Epox 8K3A+ as well and YES it does run very stabily at 166FSB (333).
    Ive got a XP1700+ running at 10.5x166 = 1750Mhz.
    My board is a Rev 1.2. I dont believe the 1.0's had any trouble either running at 166FSB.

    The only thing you might possibly need is a fan for the Northbridge heatsink. But mine runs well as only a passive Heatsink.

    You will need the latest BIOS update though.

    Edit: Oh and like many KT333 based chipsets, 166FSB was quite possible, but not officially supported. Thats why the barton didnt show up in the official compatibility sheet.

    For your info, bios files and a nice specialist EPOX forum can be found at: <A HREF="" target="_new"></A>

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