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G15 rev 1 or rev 2?

Hey guys, basically, at this store I visit they have the G15 revision 1 AND revision 2 in stock at the moment.

However I'm having a hard time deciding between the two. For those who don't know, revision 1 is the keyboard with the blue back light whereas revision 2 is orange. I've read lots of comments that revision 1 is better then revision two (I also prefer the blue) but here's the catch: The G15 rev. 1 contains european symbols.

Apart from the usual letters, pretty much everything else is in a different language that I do not understand, but they're all placed in the same positions as a regular keyboard and I can type without needing to look at the symbols.

Currently I'm using a G110, personally I feel that the letters are a bit too cramped for my tastes and that was the reason why I'm looking for a new keyboard.

So what would YOU personally choose in this situation?
A keyboard that's superior but in another language or a keyboard slightly worse but in plain english? Are the keys as tightly packed as the G110?
And as for other keyboard brands - I have no problem purchasing them if you can give a good enough reason why to choose them over Logitech, a brand that I can rely on.

So thanks for your time and I'm looking forward to reading the responses,
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    I would go with the English version.
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