Windows 7 installation reports no drives found

Its my own fault, I was doing this in a daze. Having installed the new SSD and gone into Windows 7 setup, i thought id created a new partition on the drive for Windows to go on. Anyways, Windows was saying there was some sort of problem, so I thought, ok , rinse & repeat - and so I hit delete...

Now nothing is showing up in the drive list.

It is visible in bios - and I've since used the OCZ boot disk and did a secure wipe.

Still nothing

So I used a PartitionWizard boot disc, and created a brand new NTFS system partition.

Still nothing

Do I need some drivers or something? Setup does say I could use a disk to find some...

Any ideas? Thanks!
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  1. I am not finding anything but their boot media (its an OCZ Agility 3)

    There are no drivers on this disk
  2. Its a PC Specialist Enigma II laptop with an InsydeH20 F.09 bios. No idea what the MOBO is.
  3. I used GParted and created a new primary partition, this is what windows now has to say:

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