Toshiba Satellite A105 restarts itself

Hi all,

I have a problem with laptop Toshiba Satellite A105. Few months ago I was doing disk defragmentation and system failed and HDD was practically to the bin. I bought new HDD and installed Linux (Kubuntu) and laptop was restarting by itself without any reason. So I have installed Windows XP but problem is the same. Computer restarts every 2-3minutes without any warning. I have checked temperature and there is no overheating problem. I have deassembly all laptop and clean inside. When I was running CPU test and CPU was 100% busy the computer was working 30minutes without restart. As soon as I have switched off test computer restarted again.

Temperatures of CPU are in range 43-59degree.

If anyone has an idea what is going on I would appreciate an advice.
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  1. Try and download an updated chipset and install it from a flash drive and see if that resets the system. It seems like the failed defrag somehow put it into a loop of sorts.
  2. Many models of Toshiba laptops have a NEC/TOKIN capacitor that apparently has a limited life. See if the following link could be of any help to you:
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