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Hello everybody,
i'm new around here, so I anticipately thank you all. What i wanted to ask is this: I want to connect my pc to my tv in order to be able to surf the web, watch movies ecc on a bigger screen. And since i didn't want all those annoying wires I wanted to do this wirelessly: i found this HP product called Wireless TV Connect Barbossa 2.0 (link). The matter is that this requires the pc to have a hdmi port and mine doesn't. However it has a dvi port (other than the vga port i'm currently using) so i thought that i could join the dvi signal with the audio signal of my computer to get an HDMI signal. To do that I'd use this thing: link
So briefly: my pc audio and my dvi video signal from my pc would be joined in the hdmi signal and it would be streamed to my tv (in another room) by the HP product. Do you think this could do? Can the HP product interfere with my home wifi? Can my tv (Sharp Aquos LC26P50E specs) handle the signal? I guess so, since it has the HDMI port. Are there gonna be resolution problems?

Please tell me if you think that something may go wrong, because this would cost me money that i don't want to throw away...
Thank you all!
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  1. Almost all wireless PC to TV connectors need a line of sight between the two, did you check the specs on the HP device to see if it will even get a signal with your setup?

    If yes, you can just get a video card that has an HDMI port with audio output though it and pay the same as that converter box you wanted to get.
  2. I guess you're right about the video card... What worries me is that, even though I know something about this stuff, I'm not sure I can pick one that is fully compatible with my computer. Moreover I'm sure I'd be able to replace the old one with a new one if I didn't have to mess around with drivers and stuff... About this could you recommend a useful tutorial about choosing and replacing a video card, please? Thank you for replying.
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