Classics arcade in Reading PA that actually has some pinba..

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Hi All,

I wanted to pass along this info about a classic arcade I came across.
It's in Reading PA in the Berkshire mall, and is called the "Challenge
Arcade." It's on the 2nd level by the food court.

They have a nice lineup of pinballs in pretty good condition and for the
most part working.

Here's their lineup:

Orbitor 1 - very nice condition at 25 cents/play
Viper Night Driving - Hard to see the balls in regular mode, but easy to see
them once the black lights came on for multiball.
Baby Pac-Man - looks like it's working, but it's set at "kiddie" height so
you'd have to be on your knees to play this one if you're not a kid!
Bally Vampire - nice. Labeled 2 plays for a quarter, actually gave me 3
plays for my quarter. Flippers seem weak to me, but this is probably normal
power for a game of this vintage.
Rescue 911
Williams Grand Prix
Top Dawg (shuffle bowler) - this one was turned off
Gottlieb Strikes 'N Spares
Star Wars (Data East) - would not launch the ball via flippers or the launch
'lever' but if they fix that the game looks nice. I could not find any
attendant in the place to notify.
Humpty Dumpty - this one was turned off

Also, they have a decent classic video game assortment including PacMan,
Asteroids, Star Wars, Space Duel, Dragon's Lair, Space Ace, PUnch Out, and a
bunch of others. There was even a Chicago Coin game - I think it was a
pre-video driving game but I didn't pay too much attention to this one.

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    Wow, sounds like a great arcade!! I haven't seen titles like Space
    Duel & Dragon's Lair in an arcade since the 80's. A Humpty Dumpty,
    too?? The owner must be a collector for sure.

    Pretty cool!
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    Hello All,

    I was just informed about this thread and would like to invite everyone
    to my arcade - pinball nut or otherwise. And yes, I am a collector:).

    I would like to set the record straight on this thread though.

    Baby Pac is not at "kiddie height" - it is a prototype machine which
    was is a short, squat thing. I figured I would share it with children
    big and small:). I have seen several adults on their knees playing it
    so don't feel ashamed.

    Star Wars launches the ball via a button on the shifter. There is
    ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS an attendant on duty to help you with questions
    and concerns. Look for a polo shirted person with the embroidered
    "Challenge Arcade" logo to help you. If there is no one on the floor,
    the big door that says "office" is a good next step. It is really not
    that difficult:).

    Top Dawg needed a new reset motor which has since been fixed since this

    Humpty Dumpty was not "turned off". The lights and features of the
    machine are not turned on until a nickel (yes, nickel) is inserted.
    The lights turn off several minutes after your game is over.

    Vampire is a skill game. You must be patient and not hit the ball too
    early. You will find many extra credits on this machine due to the
    fact many people only play one of their two credits.


    J. P. LeVan
    Owner, Challenge Arcades
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