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I am inquiring about how much I should charge for spread sheet creation and development? I was thinking by the hour. I truly just dont know what to charge. Most of the work I have done for work or projects at work. I have been free lancing on networking, system and Os Solutions, as well as access, excel, and pp. So can anyone give me help.
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  1. Hi :)

    You charge an houly rate, and enough to make a living and NOT more than your competitors...

    And make SURE you have business/public liability Insurance ..otherwise you make a mistake, someone sues you... and you lose your house/business etc..

    All the best Brett :)
  2. how good ARE you. Do you really know excel inside and out and can make a pivot table, simulation or trend analysis; or are you really just doing basic spreadsheet work ( D3=D1+D2))

    $100/hour for any specialist labor is a good starting point- even your mechanics and geeks at bestbuy or even a sports lesson will charge around this too.

    But you may want to consider if this is part of a bigger opportunity to get hired back later, you may want to adjust your price, or show the return on their investment.
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