Master Boot Record URGENT HELP!!!

I have a Lenovo Think Pad Laptop that came pre-installed with XP Pro. If you know the Lenovo Laptops that I have a Blue Button that when pressed will activate the ThinkVantage partition during boot-up. When booting to this partition you can "factory-restore" the computer as well as other things.

I installed Windows 7 Release Canidate and formated the XP Pro partition before doing a clean install. I wish to do a factory restore and I have a problem. When I hit the ThinkVantage Button it will only bring me to my BIOS now (not the the ThinkVantage Software). When I called Lenovo they mentioned that I deleted the Master Boot Record therefore it doesn't know what to do when I hit the button. They want me to purchase a $45 Rescue Recovery CD set. I know the ThinkVantage partition is still there but don't know how to boot into it.

I know they make programs like Easy BCD but I have no idea how to use them. Is it possible to recreate the Master Boot Record or use a seperate program to boot into that partition? A very simplified step by step process would be very helpful.

Thanks Experts!!!! I consider my self a fairly educated PC but I have no clue what I am doing when it comes to boot up procedures.

P.S. hopefully I have posted this in the right thread.
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  1. Problem Solved...... Apparently installing Lenovo's Rescue & Recovery program (downloaded from webpage) fixed the MBR.

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