Problems re-adding backed up files

Sorry if this is the wrong place, but i have windows 7 and don't really know much about computers.

Ok, so my laptop pooed its pants and decided to break after numurous half successful attempts to fix it, as i had established it was a harddrive problem, i backed up my files onto 3 disks and system reset my laptop.

I automatically backed them up, what i mean is i let the computer do it for me it scanned them and put them onto the disk and what not. So it got reset and i booted it back up did all the hoo haa and eventually got back to the main bit. it never explained to me how to re add all my backed up data and even though it recommends using disks whenever it mentions backing up data, when you look around the help pages all it talks about is internal backing up, so it gives you no clue of how to re-add all this data, which is very frustrating.

It has all saved as .wim files, don't know why. Please can you help me add all ym info back to my laptop.

Hope this is enough info.

Thanks, Steve :)
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  1. You can try going to the control panel and in system and security try the backup and restore section and see if you can do what your trying to do in there.
  2. I'm trying to do that but it keeps trying to make me browse files, and won't give me an option to locate the disks or any proper files on my pc.
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