Lenovo G550 295892G vs HP Compaq CQ61-430EJ

Hi guys,

I want to buy a new laptop and found that these two models are suitable for me,
I wondered if you guys can help me to decide which one is better.

The specs:

Lenovo G550 295892G
15.6" HD LED
T6600 2.2GHz CPU
500GB 5400RPM HD
GeForce G210M

Compaq CQ61-430EJ
15.6" HD
T6600 2.2GHz CPU
320GB 5400RPM HD
GeForce G103M

it's obvious that the specs of the Lenovo seems better, but a friend told me that Lenovo's drivers and apps (at least wifi and finger print thing) are buggy, and it seems that the Compaq is very user friendly, the Compaq also has a cool design :D

I would be grateful to hear some of your advices ...

Thanks in advance
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  1. Well, the Lenovo has better hardware as you mentioned. I've heard bad things about Compaq quality, so I personally wouldn't buy the Compaq.

    What's your budget for your new laptop? Maybe someone here could find you a better one for around the same price?
  2. Hi lotri, thanks for your reply.
    I'm from Israel and my budget is ~4000 nis (shekels) ...
    I guess that won't help to much here :)

    But generally speaking if the prices are similar in the US, the should be similar here also..
    my budget should be around the price of the models mentioned ..
    sorry but I don't know how much they cost out of Israel, couldn't find them on newegg,
    and I'm not familiar with other online stores abroad ..
  3. For future replies to the thread, here's a money conversion, courtesy of Google.

    4000 Israeli shekels = 1 063.264 U.S. dollars
  4. Just found out that there is a sale for the Packard Bell EasyNote TJ75-JO-200IL
    and I have until 10:00 AM tomorrrow :)

    It's an i5 computer, and it's price is 4200 shekels (sale price)

    Intel Core i5-430M, 2.26GHz
    15.6" LED HD
    4GB RAM
    500GB 5400RPM HD
    ATI 5470, 512MB

    I don't have a clue about Packard Bell quality, I thought they died the last decade actually .. what do you say guys ?
  5. Hey morax ;)

    Well..frankly i never saw any packard bell notebook in my entire life...
    The only time i saw any PB label was on their desktop computers but that was very very long ago!!

    I wonder if there are other who actualy bought these notebooks...
  6. hi morax
    what did u finnaly buy?
    i'm from israel as well and planning to buy one as well.
    Are u happy with uour decision?

  7. Best answer
    Hey there

    I eventually bought the HP Compaq one, mostly because it was cheaper and from a store I trust,
    (BigBox Israel) couldn't get the Lenovo with similar price from an official importer store.

    Can't say much about the Lenovo ...
    About the HP Compaq, I'm quite satisfied from this laptop. Even thought most of the programs I run
    on this laptop are internet browser, skype and watch HD movies (720p and 1080p looks great on my LG Full HD TV using the HDMI) on vlc, it works flawlessly, I haven't bumped into any problems for now and it looks pretty *sexy* too :) so generally I recommand you to give it a try.

    An important note about the CQ61-430EJ model.. the specs shows that it has 320GB Harddisk 5400RPM,
    and it's even written in the website of most of the stores in Israel. But it's actually is a 320GB Harddisk 7200RPM ... was nice to figure it out after I bought it :)

    Well, good luck with buying a new laptop ...
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