Using a Samsung 5.1 surround system (need help!)

Hey Everybody!
I have absolutely no idea about audio and I have finished my computer and am now trying to sort out some sound. We have a Samsung htz110 that was very cheap and has virtually become useless as it overheats and shuts itself off. I would like to use the speakers from it for gaming and listening to music on my new computer. The only problem is I don't now how i will do it.

The plug for the speakers is Samsung specific but they are see though and it is easy to see they are still just two cables like any other. So I am guessing that i will have to cut this off, strip the wires and then solder these to a new connection that will work with my mobos inbuilt sound card.
The mobo i have is an 890GX Extreme 3 and it has a VIA® VT2020 Audio Codec. I do not know what plugs these are and if this can even be done.

Any help at all would be much appreciated :D
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