3rd master hard disk error...but then.

So today I tried to plug in a new webcam and I got a BSOD along with the computer restarting. When it tried to restart, I got a screen (before booting up all the way that said

"3rd master hard disk error"

I figured this was an issue with my hard drives, so I moved them around a bit and got the computer to boot again.

But now my computer is just incredibly slow in general. Everything takes a long time to open or close, chrome takes about 3-4 minutes to open. text takes like 20 seconds per eletter. Any ideas abou what's going on?
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  1. You might need to run a disk check to see if you have a defective hard drive. Try runng Scandisk.
  2. Ok. Can I run it in in safe mode? Because it'll take a long time to acquire and run int outside of safe mode.
  3. You can run scandisk from a dos command.

  4. Sorry...I went to the link and read the information, but didn't quite understand how to run it with the commandline...
  5. Hey you can just go to your Computer right click it choose Properties and scan each disk individually for errors at the Tools tab in Properties. Good luck!
  6. Thanks! you guys have been helpful. I guess scandisk is called CHKDSK in Windows7? I should have clarified...anyways, it's running now. Probably won't be done for about an hour...can anyone tell me what the results will might look like and what I'll have to do in response?
  7. Ok, it finished. THe computer restarted at the end and it just took me to the desktop...still slow though, nothing seems to have changed.
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