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Hi, I just recently had the capacitors replaced in my 4 year-old Samsung LNT 4671FX (had the known flickering/power-on problems), done professionally by a repairman. After I powered it on however, I noticed that the physical buttons the side of the TV (control power, volume, channel, etc) and the remote did nothing. Basically I would have to physically plug the TV in and out of the socket (which I do NOT want to do) to get it to turn on/off. Can anyone point me to resolving this issue? I'm capable of working with electronics so a little DIY won't be a problem, I just hope it isn't a big issue as I'm finally glad to have a working TV again (sort of).
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  1. Sounds like when the guy did the repair he either disconnected cables or broke some hardware in the TV. If you want to open up the case and check the side connections, feel free but without knowledge of the TV schematics it may be useless. I'd have the guy that did the repairs check on this.
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