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Hey guys.

I'm looking to build a laptop from scratch. What's the best way to go about this? My gut tells me to start with a good motherboard. I'm having a hard time finding any websites online that review or rate motherboards for laptops. It's easy to find sites for desktop boards but not laptops. Any suggestions?

Thank you.
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  1. I don't suggest you build a notebook from scratch. It's going to be very expensive, time consuming, and just really, really hard. Notebook parts are not standardized like their desktop cousins - there's no guarantee any given motherboard will fit in any given chassis unless the two were made for each other by the manufacturer...and even then, there's no central data bank that tells you which are made for which.

    The closest you can get to a custom notebook is a self-configured one off of a manufacturer's site.
  2. Wow, really?

    That is disheartening news.
  3. You can buy a barebones kit...but you won't really be building much. You'll just put a CPU, some memory, and a hard disk in. Not worth it, IMO.
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