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I have a Compal EL81 notebook which I installed XP on, and I want the screen to dim when it goes to battery power but I can't find anything in the power options to accomodate this. There are function keys on the keyboard for dimming the screen and that's all I can find.
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  1. Update: actually it turns out that it does dim, I just couldn't see it because I had set the plugged-in brightness to the same brightness as it dims to so there was no change. However, this was done through keyboard controls and I still want to find where I can set the level that it dims to (I want it as dim as possible when unplugged)... Could it be a driver update I am missing? Being a generic brand, Compal drivers aren't as easily located.
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    Search around more in Control Panel. Also consult your BIOS - sometimes settings are in there, too.
  3. thanks, it was in the bios.
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