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I´ve been on AMD since my old K6-2. Then on a classic Athlon, Thunderbird, Duron, Palomino and now a Thoroughbred. I´m thinking about trying a Pentium 4, but I´m worried about why it isn´t performing much better than the Athlons, given it´s higher FSB, clock rate and HT. Only place I´ve seen a difference is in Sandra Memory scores, but nothing much in real games and applications....

I thought the performance bottleneck would be in CPU/memory bandwith and clock rate, but then why isn´t the P4 performing much better than the Thoroughbreds and Bartons?
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  1. P4 3.0GHz squishes the XP3200+ in performance. Clock for clock no, because the 3200+ is only 2.2GHz, but the P4 core has never been known for high IPC, the PIII beat it clock for clock.

    So even though the P4 isn't as efficient, it has more than enough extra clock cycles to make up the difference.

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  2. If Memory Bandwidth concerns you, get a P4 2.4C and OC to 250FSB - most people can achieve this easily on air cooling. I don't think anyone can say the same for AXP chips/chipsets.

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