Im looking for a gaming/photo editing/ school laptop

I've been looking for a laptop that I can play games on and do some photo editing but I still need it for school. i've looked at the sony vaio lineup and some other like asus what do you guys think
900- 1400 maybe 1500
Doesn't matter too much just enough so I can play games and edit my photos
Well this is hard because it is going to be for school but my school is small so i would say portable but i can take so weight
Battery Life
I will be near outlets for most of my day so any amount really at least 2 hours though
I do want to play games and i would like to play games like Empire Total War. I like playing the TBS and RTS and at pretty high settings
other activities for the laptop
I will be editing photos and playing some music
i would say at least 250 probably more
Sites to buy from
i don't care as long as they don't steal from me
Computer's life
i want this to last three years at least till the end of school
i dont like apples because you cant play games on them and i have had bad experience with them before
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  1. ohh thank you i really want the first one but than again i probably can get away with the second and still be very happy and still have some cash thanks again
  2. nice another good one
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