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I would like to conncet my computer to my TV with a 50ft long VGA to HDMI cable. Before I go to the expense for the cable I would like to be sure my systems can actually do this.
TV - Panasonic 47" CRT Projection HDTV monitor
model - PT47X54J
chassis - AP832
120v 60hz
has an AV in HDMI port along with an audio port

Computer - Dell Inspiron 530 Intel Core Duo CPU E6550 2.33GHz
32-bit OS
has both VGA and DVI ports (i think)
NVidia card

i would like to stream tv shows - will it work? and will i get a good pic?
thaqnks in advance!
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  1. what are the maximum lines of resolution for the television?

    i know quite a few of the older projection televisions were 480p.

    windows itself looks bad on 480p. it looks better on 720p but still not great. 1080p is the suggested resolution for connecting up a tv.

    however, if all you want to do is play can probably use the pc in this way provided you accept that there might be image quality loss due to the reduction in size from the original stream unless the original stream matches your tv resolution.

    i'm not sure if a VGA to HDMI carries sound. i know DVI to HDMI can if your soundcard supports it. you might be needing to export your sound via a different cable depending on what you find out.
  2. You'd want to use a DVI to HDMI cable not from VGA. 50 ft is pretty long for a video cable, you may get artifacts in the image at higher resolutions.
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