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I currently have my main monitor and also a LCD tv connected to my computer both through my video card. The speakers for my main monitor are connected to the on board sound card and the tv has built in speakers operating through the HDMI cord connecting it to the video card. I was wondering if there is some sort of way to make the sound play through the speakers associated with the monitor that is displaying the source of the sound, eg. have a video playing on my main monitor it automatically plays through those speakers, have it playing on my tv it automatically plays through the tv speakers.
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  1. So I take itthat your current configuration does not work that way ? If not then does the monitor have display port and the video card also ? Display port can work the same way as HDMI.
  2. What OS are you using?
    If Windows 7, you can right click on speaker icon at bottom right and click on playback devices. From there you set your onboard sound as default device.
  3. I am using Windows 7. I can already switch the default playback device by right clicking on the speaker icon to switch it back and forth and it works, but what I want it to do is automatically detect which monitor the media is being played on and automatically play the accompanied sound through the speakers associated with said monitor without me having to constantly switch the default playback device between the hdmi cord and the normal speakers. Also I would like to be able to say be playing a game on my main monitor with the game's sound going through those speakers and have a movie or something playing on the tv with the movie sound playing through the tv speakers (through the hdmi cord). I am using extended display just to clarify not duplicated. Say I have a movie playing at my desk and the audio is on the speakers at my desk, then I drag the movie over to the tv monitor and it automatically detects the movie is on the tv and plays the audio through the tv speakers, that is what I want.
  4. I'm afraid that what you want is not possible because you are running the extended desktop and by draging the movis over to the tv there's no way for it to switch because it's already on the desktop and your not changing anything.
  5. ah well, I was hoping there was maybe some sort of program I could download that might be able to do that, thank you anyway.
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