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Recently ive been having a problem where my front panel seems to think there is something plugged in the mic and speakers jack if "disable front panel jack detection" is ticked in realtek manager. When i record the invisible mic its seeing i hear stereo mix like sound but very very low (which can be controlled by my headsets volume if plugged in :s), If i untick the above option then the front panel doesnt detect things that are plugged in, even though when they are plugged in they work but the mic isnt called front panel mic like it use to be.

Ive tried different drivers and formatted recently so im not sure whats wrong here, ive tried changing the bios to ac97 and hd audio front panel and they both do the same, also tried my headset on a different computer and it works fine. What could be the problem, something broke on mobo? bios corrupt somehow?

Like i said my headset works when its plugged in but the mic is not called "front panel mic" anymore, when i unplug the headset it still thinks there is something plugged in.

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  1. solid answer you said.
    if it isnt the motherboard bios that is 'wrong'
    maybe there is a bios or firmware for the onboard soundcard that is 'wrong'

    makes me wonder if your motherboad or soundcard has been hacked into.
    people dont hear about it every day.. and it doesnt seem like an easy thing to do, but i would be upset.

    passwords and emails are more important than somebody else trying to spend your money on the computer.
    there are ways to determine if the spending of the money is unauthorized.
    usually all this information comes from data logs.
    could be data logs from your ISP to know if there was any connection to your computer besides the one connected to the money service at the time the money was spent.

    otherwise, i wouldnt waste a lot of time trying to make it right if the only thing wrong is a popup and a wrong label if the input/output is physically working.
    but, if you are that bothered by it.. a new soundcard perhaps?

    if you changed the drivers and formatted the computer.. the problem usually goes away unless there was a virus that was brought back onto the computer that did the exact same thing it did last time.

    did you format and install nothing.. then go to the website to grab the drivers?
    i would install things like security updates and the newest browser that comes with the operating system updates.
    then go grab some fresh drivers from the website.
    all of this to try and prevent the problem from happening again because of some virus that is embedded into one of your files.

    and if that doesnt change anything, why bother with a broken label if the jack still works?
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