Please help, ISO PLEASE HELP LORD :{

ok i have downloaded windows 7 Home Premium ISO, I have removed the eicfg.dll to make it a universal install disk, I saved that as a new iso called Boot, ok

So now I have a iso called Boot, That should be a universal windows 7 install iso

How do i Put the Iso Onto A usb to make it boot able, Ive tried with iso to usb and it says cant create bootable usb do i need a Fat 32 usb or what, please help me

Im fixing my teacher's Daughters Laptop, he's a Very Great hearted man, but doesn't have any money or any way to fix it other than me

Please help, I will be so Appreciative
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  1. probably easier to put it on a disk

    this is a good bit of software but i could not find any evidence of it supporting usb burning good luck and let me know if u find a solution
  2. i use this tool, you can have more then one boot iso on the usb. but then you will have to select the iso to install
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