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Hi all, I'm looking to purchase a netbook for my daughter in the next week or 2 and I'm getting more and more confused. I was hoping you guys could help me out. I'm going with the net book because of the size, she need a small one and the netbook are the smallest I can find, it will be used for checking email, face book, and typing her home work, or writing, stories, and poems. the price is just as confusing as the models. They seem to be just about the same specks, 1.6 atom 1gig of mem, 160 hd, so I guess I'm looking for one that is the most durable, and reliability . I have noticed the outside demotion seem to be the same size weather it is a 8.9, 10, 10.1, 11 screen. feel free to ask me any question if I didn't explain it enough here, I guess I'm more concerned with the size and reliability than price, the smaller the better.
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  1. I bought my dad a netbook couple of months ago. He mainly uses it for internet, typing papers and online banking. He loves it. It gets very good battery life. There is a blue and black color version. - N280 cpu, 1GB memory, 250GB hd space, $359.99

    There is also this one. Which are little bit of a newer model. Which has better cpu and same amount of battery life but less hard drive space and cost less. - N450 cpu, 1GB memory, 160GB hd space, $299.99

    If you want more had space and even more battery life then this one will do. - N450 cpu, 1GB memory, 250GB hd space, $371.99
  2. those are all nice netbooks, but how is the quality and reliability, the only thing asus I have ever had was mother boards.
  3. I wanted to add, the local computer shop guy is telling me to get an samsung, acer, or even a dell netbook. what is your opinion of them.
  4. I had many laptops from acer to toshiba to hp to dell but never had an samsung. I still have 7yr old toshiba laptop and its pushing strong the only thing i replaced was an hd couple of years ago. I have to say that asus exceeds in every category from quality to price, etc to me. Asus in last 2-3 yrs is investing big time in laptops and netbooks and in lot of other components. They have been successful. Read peoples reviews and you will get an idea. I dont have anything against other brand i still recommend to others toshibas and acers if they are on a tight budget.
  5. I need to quit reading reviews, I just found out that the NVIDIA ION is coming out and is faster than the atom cpu and could play sim's 3, sims is one of the main games my daughter plays, and I thought the atom could handle sim's 2 but not sure, and the release of the nvidia ion is maybe the reason the netbooks with the atom are so cheap? but I can't find anything about how soon a netbook with the ion will be out.
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