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I was wondering if anybody knows if i could use car coolant instead of the solution that comes with my kit. Since car coolant is designed to take massive amounts of heat away from a car engine, maybe i can get better cooling for my cpu off it.

Please, no replies saying anything along the lines of suggesting for me to just stick with the solution that comes with my kit. Thanks in Advance!!
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  1. The advantage for the anti-freeze is just that it does not freeze, Water is just as good. Their is no reason for you to put that in your water cooler, but you do want some anti-rust stuff to make sure that it will not destroy any of the the metal tubes.

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  2. Actually as I understand it, water is better at transferring heat than an antifreeze solution. As you pointed out the only reason that the antifreeze solution is used in a car is because it remains a liquid at more extreme temps than water does.

    Oh sure, someone <i>could</i> use antifreeze in their watercooler. Heck, they could even use milk, seawater, rubbing alcohol, wine, blood, urine, faerie essense, or whatever. The real question is why...

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  3. What phoenix said is true. Water is better. Use a solution of 85% water/15% antifreeze

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  4. I think generaly car coolant has several functions. It contains antifreeze, a rust inhibitor and also raises the boiling point to help prevent the radiator turning into a kettle in the summer.

    I can't see what harm it would do though really. Anyway, no doubt some of the stuff you pay a premium for is car coolant anyway.

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  5. Actually most of the anti-freeze out there is much more viscous than water and could cause extra strain on your pump. Which in turn could cause your pump to become less silent and less efficient; thusly, restricting you flow rate and causing your temps to rise. I stick to corrosion inhibitors and anti-growth agents only.

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