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My ASUS laptop has suddenly starting typing incorrect characters. I have turned off the sticky keys and toggle keys; I have made sure the NumLk key is off; I have made sure the US settings are one. I made sure the region is correct. I can't tell what causes it but sometimes I can hit FN key with the number lock key and it will work again. Sometimes I have to use the ALT key. Sometimes I have to restart the computer. I have the number pad as this is a gaming computer. I have read hundreds of responses in forums but the responses may help briefly but not permanently. Could a game I loaded be doing this? It only happens when I'm using Word 2007, by the way--I can type in other enrivonments--like this one, for instance. Any help would be appreciated.
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  1. Try an external keyboard and if that works you may have narrowed the cause to the laptop's keyboard or its connecting cable.
  2. Regarding the ALT key, that usually happens when you change the language of your keyboard. Specifically, the Right-ALT key changes from normal letters to whichever language you changed it to (for example... Korean).
  3. I will try an external keyboard. I have never deliberately changed the language, though clicking on just about every key to see if anything got me back to qwerty might have done something weird (er).

    Thank you so much.
  4. I'm experiencing the same thing. Only it happens during many applications (not just Word 2007). Were you able to find a solution?
  5. I'm facing the same problem. mine displays some few characters right and the rest completely wrong. i can't even write a sentence but an external keyboard works well.can someone please help
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