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I have a self powered surround sound system that I got about 6 years ago with my dell computer. The dell has since died but the speakers are still working great. Can I hook them up to my Sony bravia Lcd hd Tv without messing up the Tv? Not looking for surround sound, just a way to have a better and louder sound than my Tv can offer.

The subwofer has a plug and then all other speakers hook into it. From the subwoofer there is an input line that I guess I could just plug into the Tv.

Will this work? Sorry if I don't know technical terms I can barely turn the Tv on.

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  1. Most TV's have an optical audio out. At least the Samsungs do. Depends what kind of wires you need to hook up and what kind of speakers they are. I am thinking HDMI is 5.1 audio or higher. Some sound receivers also can use HDMI. Sometimes you might get some lag depending on how you hook up the audio.
  2. pc speakers normally use 3.5mm cables. home theater uses bannaca clips, speaker wire and a seperate subwoofer cable.

    some tvs have a headphone out port. you could probably connect the 3.5mm up to this and get 2.1 sound out of your system but without some extra hardware i think this is the best you will do.
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