Cant use programs on old hard drive installed on new computer

Hello, I just got a new comp, w/ win7. I just took the HD from my old comp, and added it 2 the new system, hoping that i could run some programs from it on the new comp, (because i've lost install cd's etc..) Everythings fine except, I cant run any of the programs. Like, Old drive has Microsoft Digital Media Edition. I tried to open it & run the install, but the new comp says.. cant access registry. New unit is win 7, old one was xp, sp2. anything i can do to use my old programs? can i copy the drive onto the win 7 hd? thanks for your help..
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  1. Not much, unless you set the XP hd as the primary boot device. Depending on the old and new configurations, the system might boot from it or not.
  2. All you have to do is reinstall the programs. No matter where they're installed, any program that isn't "portable" puts entries in the Registry. This was Windows way of getting rid of clunky .dll files, but it means that program installs are, for the most part, program-specific.
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