HEAT PROBLEM!!Help please!!!!!

just bought a 3000+ and im having some heat problems , i already bought a thermaltake volcano 11+ but didn´t solve the problem, and now i just bought a thermaltake aquarius II but my idle temps keep in hi 40´s(48-49c) and full load temps in the low 50´s(53-54c), these temps are with open case and a house fan blowing and no oc.
By the way, system temps are 31-35c.(Speedfan)
i was wondering if you could post some solutions and your temps here.thanks!
My specs:
amd barton 3000+
350watts psu (no brand?!)
msi kt4v v1
3x256 ddr333mhz
ati radeon 9500@9700mod
thermaltake aquarius II
thermaltake harcano 9
3 thermaltake system fans ,1 in the back(vocano11+)1 in front and 1 in the side panel)
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More about heat problem help please
  1. Did you apply and thermal grease to the heatsink when you replaced it?

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  2. What are your temps with the case closed? You´re ruining your airflow leaving it opened. Are you really having stability problems, or are you just worried about the temp?

    IMO it´s pretty usual to have a mid 30°C system, mid 40°C CPU idle and mid 50°C CPU load with your system configuration.

    I wouldn´t really worry about it, unless the temps are much higher when the case is on...
  3. My 2500+ is also about 53-54c, the wierd thing 4 me is that before the summer i ran it @ 3200+ and temp was about 50c. When summer came i set it back @ 2500+ and now when outside temp is low again my 2500+ witch use to run at 3200+ is still about 53-54c, how the [-peep-] is that possible ???
  4. This suggests that the sensor reading the temps or the software is innaccurate.
    Not all that uncommon.

    i wouldnt worry about it unless you actually start experiencing glitchy behavior and/or crashes.

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  5. my temps with closed case rise about 6-7c ,the room temp is about 30c(its summer!).And yes, i put grease on the cpu(thermaltake)several times.
    could it be a bad cpu?My brother have a 2600+ wiyh stock fans(compaq presario)and is temps are 1-2c higher then mines!I have water cooling!!!!!
    t vcore is very unstable(1.58-1.7v!9 could it be the psu?
  6. Quote:
    vcore is very unstable(1.58-1.7v!9

    Hmm.. That's <i><b>awful</b></i> voltage regulation. 1.7V is also a fair ol' voltage for a new XP, AFAIK the max stock Vcore is 1.6V (Someone please correct me if I'm wrong!). Low end t-breds run w/ 1.5V...

    I think that's more your mobo than your PSU, to be honest. Sorry to say it, but I think you should either RMA it (if you can), or just replace it with an Nforce2 mobo. (after all, It'd be a shame to have the Watercooling Rig and have a non overclock-friendly chipset).

    If you want to stick with it for a while though, I'd advise you buy some good thermal compound, such as Artic Silver III(I use this myself), or possibly their new ceramique stuff(Haven't looked at any info myself, but heard it mentioned a couple of times), remove your current HSF, make sure you clean all the old thermal stuff off (from both the HSF and the CPU die) and apply a <i>really</i> thin layer of the new stuff, before sticking it all back together. Some people have knocked 5C off temps simply by doing this. (although that's fairly rare, to be honest)

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  7. ok, im gonna buy a new mobo.what is the best mobo i can buy to oc?Money is no problem ,and sould i get a better psu?where can i buy as3 or ceramic?i live in portugal and this sucks when talking about pc\oc hardware.thanks
  8. Im running my 2500 @ 2435mhz on 1.79 volts. Its cooled to 48 idle/53 load by an sk7 heatsink and 2 smartfans and some out of date AS3 (probably running a few deg c hotter than when I first got it). I will be getting a 900u though to go for over 2500mhz... My epox 8RDA3+ mobo is running fine @ 203mhz fsb, limited by my memory though...

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  9. thats pretty good!i alredy push mine to ~2400(13.0x180 i think) but now im having this heat problem so i quit oc for now.
    by the way, my mem sucks too an my mobo only gets 1.75vcore!need upgrade!
  10. Quote:
    my temps with closed case rise about 6-7c ,the room temp is about 30c(its summer!).And yes, i put grease on the cpu(thermaltake)several times.

    You can use too much thermal compound, it should actually be pretty thin (like a sheet of paper)
  11. i just put a thin layer and i already check it out many times!i dont think that´s the problem!
    is it possible that i bought a bad cpu?!?!anyone already heard about this happening?
  12. Have you checked out the Abit line of Nforce2 boards very overclock friendly. Also you could try a gigabyte or Asus.
    (Would not reckomend Abit if you have a side window coz their boards are really dull.

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  14. I would not say asus either. They raise the voltage higher then stock to keep it more stable. My asus board runs my voltage at 1.6 and I have it set at 1.5(I have a p4). I kinda don't like that, keeps my cpu temps up and I too have a water case.

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  15. Thanks for the replies guys , but i still have the heat problem!Any more sugestions about the cause?And is it possible to be a bad\damaged cpu?
  16. It's possible the Core is scratched or something, preventing proper contact with the HSF, but that's precisely what Thermal grease is designed to fix.

    I think your main problem is that your mobo is overvolting your CPU. A T-bred @ 1.7V for any length of time is going to be hot. You'll probably find that just getting a nice Nforce2 mobo (Abit NF7 & Epox 8RDA+ are both great for OCing) will help tremendously.

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  17. abit nf7-s n2 ,epox 8rda+ , epox 8rda 3 n2 or msi k7n2delta n2?Witch one is the better?I dont care about the money i just wanna buy a good board!and what about the kt600 chipset , is it better that nforce2?thanks for the help , keep going guys!
  18. oh.. i almost forgot , i want a mobo that unlocks bartons!i think that some nf2 won´t do it!
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