How to get Xbox 360 working with 5.1 sound? Please help!

Hi Guys,

I wonder if you can help me?

Firstly let me apoligize as I am a complete noob when it comes to audio/ vision and new TV's.

Here is the problem:

I am trying to get 5.1 sound on my Xbox 360.

I have this 5.1 system:

My Xbox 360 is one of the old ones without a HDMI port HOWEVER in the aerial slot there is a slot for an optical audio cable.

So I have plugged in all connectors on the Xbox 360 to the TV - the TV is this one btw:

Then I have plugged the left and right audio Xbox 360 leads into the 5.1 system and the optical audio cable from the Xbox 360 to the 5.1 system.

Now I CAN get sound through the speakers but the only ones that are working are the front left and right ones.

I have selected Dolby Surround 5.1 in the audio settings on the Xbox 360.

Anyone help me please?

Just a recap as I know my writing style is not very clear:

1. left and right audio adapters from the Xbox 360 go to the 5.1 system

2. optical audio cable is going from the Xbox 360 to the 5.1 system

3. front left and right speakers are the only ones working

How can i fix this?

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  1. Disconnect the left/right audio adapters. They're not needed if using the optical audio output. Change the input on the 5.1 system to the the one assigned to the optical input.

    -Wolf sends
  2. Disconnected the left/right audio adapters. Just using optical audio output now. Changed the input on the 5.1 system to D-IN which is the optical output and it does work but only front left and right speakers are working.

    Thanks for your help - anything else i can try?
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