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Demand HDTV programming at the FCC!

I would like to start a drive for all Members to go online to the FCC website and make a government complaint demanding that all Cable and Satelite providers in the USA be required to provide all programming in HD. Why should the public be foreced to pay for HD when it is the FCC that forced us all to buy HDTV's?

According to present statistics 75% of all residences now have at least one HDTV. In fact it was the FCC, a government agency, that has forced USA citizens to purchase HDTV's, and It is required that all Over the Air (OTA) providers transmit HD signals. So Why should cable and Satelite providers, be allowed to charge for HD Content? The citizens of the USA are being held hostage by a monopoly that was created by the Federal Government.
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  1. ummm what?

    nobody is forcing you to buy a hdtv. if you so preferred you can be using a 20 year old tube tv. to outright say that a hdtv instead of just a tv is an outright lie.

    i agree that cable and satelite shouldnt charge extra for HD content but realize that not all content is hd. quite alot of content older than the last few years is not.

    so yes and no... it shouldnt be extra but every channel doesnt need to be hd.
  2. The whole point is all Television stations are forced to transmit in HD. It is also the FCC that forced them to do this. So it seems natural to demand HD Programming from all Cable and Satelite providers. Yes not all older programing AND video is actually in HD. This problem has been created by the FCC, so they should step up to the plate. Even if the FCC can not officially legislate HD for Cable or satelite programming, it does fall under the Commerce Clause to force the issue.
  3. Actually, the only thing the FCC forces is all channels to be broadcast digitally (not necessarily in HD). If your TV does not have an HD Tuner (ATSC), then you could have opted to request an adapter certificate ($40 off of a $40 adapter) that would translate the digital (again, not HD) signal to an analog signal (compatible with your non-HD TV).

    By the way, this has nothing to do with Cable/Satellite companies (who broadcast in QAM).

    -Wolf sends
  4. thanks for the clarification wolf. i suppose this refers to the huge switch of local channels to a digital broadcast. i remember the rebate certificates now.

    seems like this post is just a complaint about getting ripped off by cable companies to me.

    what i think should happen is any new content which is filmed in HD should be broadcast in HD but any programs not filmed in HD should stay as is.
  5. I just tried ordering a new HD Antenna from newegg.


    Looked like a good deal and had a 5 egg approval rating. Sometimes they put stuff on sale for a limited time. At any rate my new Samsung LN40D550 I purchased from VANNS is working great. I plugged in a backup hard drive my daughter had some video saved on and it played a movie right off the hard drive. Every year TV'S get better. I thought I would try an ANTENNA. I still think I am right in my way of thinking. It does not mean you are necessarily incorrect. I call it like I see it. Thanks for your replies. These days it is unclear because everyone is using cable or satelite. So also demand HD programming for free. You may not get any, but I think it is a valid complaint.

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