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Something very bizarre has happened on my computer.

I play all of my music via Winamp 5.58. (Windows 32-bit). Yesterday, I accidentally hit a bunch of keys on my keyboard while Winamp was open. Suddenly, all of the music and video files on my computer show up in Winamp in the right-hand column, ready for me to play them.

Now here’s the weird part. A bunch of TV programs which I’ve never owned, never downloaded, never copied onto my hard drive, also show up. (Modern Family, Glee and Skins). They are all playable. There are 101 episodes in total.

I’ve noticed in Winamp these files are located at something called G:\$RECYCLE.BIN\$-1-5-21-17230. I have an extra hard drive named G but as I’ve mentioned, I’ve never had those files anywhere on my computer. I could not have downloaded them without noticing. I am the sole user of this computer, though I have sent my computer in a couple of times for repair, perhaps somebody uploaded and deleted these files, which doesn’t make any sense, though.

It would appear as if these files had once been on my computer, had been deleted but are somehow still accessible via Winamp. I have no idea which keyboard buttons I pressed to make them appear. When I close Winamp and open it up again, the files are still there.

I’m actually enjoying some of these programs and would like to keep them. How would I go about looking for the original files? Any help is appreciated.
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  1. That's from the hidden recycle bin file on your external (G:\) hard drive.
    At some point those files were written to it--not your main computer.

    Could be if you bought your external used, or loaned it to a friend, or whatever else.

    If you want to try and restore the files, there are plenty of "undelete" or recovery programs around, such as for professional programs, and for freeware.
  2. Thanks a bunch, aramisathei, I will try what you suggested.
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