Cant have same quality sharpness on my tv

I have my blue ray conencted with the hdmi cable to my falt screen and still cant have that sharpness that the retail store had on the same model ..anything else affects the quality ?
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  1. same model, size, and viewing distance i presume?

    are you playing a blueray disk that is 1080p content?

    do you have any special post processing effects turned on?
  2. nope. I do however hat all my components conencted to a pionner Theater Receiver . TV, BD, Xbox, speakers cable box ..all in one component. But best buy has someting simmilar. Yesterday the cable guy told me I do have HD signal on cable and box is HD. He also told me there are diferent HDMI cables some perform better than that true?
  3. you said nope... to what exactly? i asked you a total of 5 different questions.

    everything i mentioned can affect perceived sharpness. without knowing the exact details (at a minimum everything but the model numbers) it is impossible to tell you why you aren't seeing the same quality.

    just because you have HD cable doesnt mean that all channels are in HD. remember also that they refer to hd as either 720p, 720i, 1080i or 1080p. a 720p HD signal will look like crap compared with a 1080p signal displayed in a store.

    compare apples to apples instead of apples to oranges as they say.

    there is a difference in quality between hdmi cables but the difference is so pathetically small that it isn't worth worrying about. you could go out and buy a $60 monster cable hdmi cable or a $10 rocketfish one and you will not notice a difference. the only case where you might notice a difference is in very long runs of 50ft or more.
  4. Go back to the store and check the video menu of the TV such as sharpness, contrast etc. Also check the video mode and other settings. Make a note of them and see if your TV is set the same.
    Be aware that film and video have a different look so film often looks softer than film based video.
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