Xonar DG+Astro 5.8 Mixamp

I'm a little new to all this audio stuff, just wondering if this configuration makes sense.
I'm planning to buy an Astro 5.8 Wireless Mixamp, and I want to connect it to my Xbox/PS3 and PC. So I bought a Xonar DG so that my comp has an optical connection so I can connect it to the mixamp.
Question is, will I see improvements moving from the DG to the DS/DX?
They support 7.1, while the DG is 5.1, does it even matter since I'm using the Mixamp to simulate 5.1/7.1 anyways?
So essentially the Xonar DG is there solely for the optical port.
Or will I see an improvement with the DS/DX+Mixamp.
Also I will be using headphones mainly (HD555/AD700) as I only have z2300 speakers.
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  1. anyone? :(
  2. No if your soundcard plugs into the amp and your headphone in the amp you wont see any difference, all the optical output's give the same quality because it's digital. the analogue outputs on the DX are better than both the mixamp and the DG just not noticeable enough in my opinion. The combo digital on DG with the mixamp I guess will almost the same if not better than the analogue DX with the mixamp.
  3. ^

    what he said.
  4. oh that's fantastic news :D
    i was able to secure a mixamp for dirt cheap and along with the dg which is already dirt cheap.
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