Best Blu-Ray player - $50 to $100

I don't know much about Blu-Rays, but I just want one that plays Blu-Ray Discs (Star Wars: The Complete Saga)

I don't need any fancy YouTube / or anything Internet based. I just want something that has a HDMI port (I already have a cable) and plays audio / video fine.

HDMI has sound and video, right? So I don't need anything but one HDMI cable? I use regular built-in TV speakers.

I was thinking maybe LG BD670 because it was the cheapest Blu-Ray player on CNET's Best Blu-Ray Player list.

But it has a lot of features that I don't need so I was wondering if I could go cheaper.
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    Check craigslist for some used ones. I see lots of pretty good models on there for $50, maybe some lower end models can be found for less, just make sure that you see it working before buying.

    And you may want a basic one now, but wait a bit and you may change your mind. If you end up getting Netflix, nice to have a streaming setup aside from a PC you can run that off.
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