80-100$ 2.1 speaker

hi all,
i'm looking for best 2.1 speaker to connect with my pc,,, currently my pc using audigy 2zs soundcard,
im looking for 2.1 speaker that is small and have great acoustic sound,, im not into bass....

my friend told me that creative gigaworks is a good product and edifier c2....

can you give me suggestions
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    you put yourself into the position to be explicitly receiving responses about $80 - $100 2.1 speakers.. i'd say yes.. since the post is open and waiting for response, we can give you suggestions.

    see the responses in this post:

    no sense doing the work for you so you can soak up all of the fun without having to do anything.. not unless you are paying for the information.

    i suppose this is the post i will reference to since apparently there are half a dozen people who feel the need to ask the exact same questions only days after the question has been answered.
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