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I'm currently using an AMD Xp 2,0GHz on an MSI MB KT4. I mostly use my PC for office work and now and again I play games like AGE of Empires (along those lines).
Is there much point in upgrading? The prices always seem to be coming down and sooner (rather than later) my PC will be zero worth (as what happened with my old Compaq Pressario). So is it better to upgrade regularly or only when the PC doesn't take it any more!!!?
Your viewpoints would be much appreciated...

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  1. Unless You're a real benchmark freak, there's no point in upgrading your PC until it doesn't run what you want at the speed you want. a 2Ghz Athlon is right at the top of their range ATM anyway, so there's little point in upgrading the CPU.

    On that sort of system, a Graphics card upgrade will do more for 3D gaming than replacing CPU or mobo, so if you're concerned about DoomIII or Half-life 2 or something, just slap a Radeon 9800Pro in there when the games come out, and you'll be fine. More RAM might also help if you've got less than 512Mb.

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  2. are you excited for doom3 or hl2, if yes just wait for another 6-8 months before upgrading., since your pc still is for business. Adding rAm is the best option for now.

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