Best Ipod docks?

I'm thinking of getting the

Bose SoundDock II

I can get this for $380 AU here where I live ($450 normal retail)

What are other good recommendations that are around this price range or lower?
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  1. I dont know much about sound docks but you can buy one heck of a amlifire and some huge speakers with that monny.
  2. you could go with a lenco iPod tower or a Akai soundbox like ASB210I, is it for traveling or just stationairy?
  3. try B & W zeppelin. heard in comets store, it sounds nice. gd bass too.

    sap chicken: you cant really get much of an amplifier and a huge speakers witht aht money...

    dunno where u live, but the cheapest but honest sounding amplifiers start from $400 in where i live.
  4. jea I know... my bad, I was thinking about the 2nd hand prices.
  5. i don't want to get a big bulky ones

    i want something that i can grab and carry around

    The B & W zeppelin is way out of budget
  6. its $500 $50 more then the 450 retail pricve of what u are trying to buy, plus the b & W are far much then bose, because bose kinda sucks. overpriced. very.
  7. Creative playdock i-500 is light and strong.
    And if you can find a Harman Kardon Go and Play anywhere in your budget I'd go for that one, Bose doesn't really suck that bad but there are better systems for the money.
    The Lenco IPD 5100 also is a good bang for the money and so are all of the Logitech ones.

    Just go look around, think about the prices and chose what you think suits you. And please tell us what you bought because I am curious.
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