Home Theater PC hookup problem

I have connected my HDTV to my desktop (W7) via an HDMI cable (from an ATI Radeon 5450 card)

The card has a VGA out to my monitor and an hdmi out which Im using to TV.

My problem is after using the setup to watch a dvd movie from the PC, I shut the TV and PC down.

When I turned on the PC later I found that the PC would boot up but my PC monitor would not display an

image, it remained black.

Can someone help me resolve this problem?

Thanks for your help
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  1. When you powered back up, was the TV still connected?

    If so, it's possible that your 5450 treated the TV as the primary display. In that case, you could turn on the TV, then use either Catalyst Control Center or Windows' "Display Properties" Control Panel applet to reconfigure the primary and secondary displays. Alternatively, you could disconnect the HDMI cable, shut down everything, and start it back up again. W7 should automatically detect the modified display configuration.

    if not, then it sounds like your 5450 got "stuck" on your HDTV as the primary display. The easiest way to fix will be to reconnect the HDTV (or any other device you might have available with an HDMI connection), at which point you'll probably find that the primary display is through the HDMI connection. Then reconfigure displays as noted above, and carry on.
  2. thanks for your message.
    the catch 22 problem is that I cannot use my pc while the hdmi cable is plugged into my video card.
    This is a known issue with the ATI card as I have learned from googling the issue.
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