Disappearing Disk Space on Window 7 Dell Laptop

Explorer shows the sum of all files to be 145 gigs (this includes C:\Users, Program Files (x86), Program Files, Windows, ProgramData, Emergency, Drivers, etc.). However, if I choose properties C > Properties, it says I'm using 470 gigs (I know this to be correct because if at one point things got to almost 500 gigs, my limit, an things slowed to a crawl). There seem to be some hidden files somewhere or some corruption somewhere but I can't find it. I got ride of restore points and shadow files but that only bought me 10 gigs. Virus scan with MS Security Essentials showed no viruses. The checkdisk utility ran and found things to be OK. Any ideas about how to recover the hidden 300+ gigs?
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  1. a strange situation.. will you post the screen shot of C : drive propertiess
  2. Do I have to put that on a server and link to it to get it on the site? Anyway, here is what it says:

    Type: Local Disk
    File system: NTFS
    User: 411 G
    Free: 39 G
    Capacity: 451 G
    Compress this drive: Not selected
    Allow files on this drive have contents indexed: Selected
  3. Open Explorer and set the view properties so that you display hidden files and system files. Then do a search of drive C: with a size filter "size:>1GB" (pick your own value here). Have a look at the results and see if there are any abnormally large files that are normally hidden.
  4. OK, I've done that but I don't see any hidden type files. There are some large files (130 - 450 Megs), but they are files I created and are included in the folders weighing in at 14) Gigs. In the meantime Explorer has slowed to a crawl again.
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    Have a look at WinDirStat to see if it can help you get a handle on where the disk space is being used.
  6. Cool program. I'm running it now. I like the pacman riff.
  7. Ha! C:\WINDOWS\Temp\tmp9991.tmp is 260 GB! It's properties say it was created and modified March 29, 2010, and that it uses 0 bytes (but WinDirStat says 260 GB). Is it safe to delete it?
  8. It should always be safe to delete files in the Temp directory. Looks like you've found the culprit, but it seems a little strange - and it would be nice to know what caused it.

    Do you have a current backup of your data - just in case? If you're nervous one possibility would be to rename the file - say to tmp9991.tmp.old - just to make sure that nothing breaks, and then delete it when you are sure it's OK to do so.

    Although that doesn't quite account for all the missing space the rest is probably hidden and system files that Explorer wouldn't have been counting.
  9. Well I went a head an deleted it and everything is working fine now (I do have a backup). Thanks a lot for your help.
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