LCD TV - Bigger HD Ready or smaller Full HD?

Hi, I want to ask if in the same budget should I go for a bigger HD ready (37") TV or a smaller (32") full HD one? It will be used mainly for watching TV and movies from an external source (mainly AVI, DIVx and such). Not for gaming, really, maybe a little, I have my monitor for that.

The viewing distance is about 3m (10 feet). I'm on analog cable now, might be switching to digital but not many (if any) 1080p channels in here, mainly 720p and some 1080i and my eyes are not so great, I want to see the subtitles (I don't have a full HD monitor, just a 1680x1050 but I keep it on a lower resolution, the fonts are too small for me at its native resolution with windows large fonts and all).

This IS what I can do on my small budget (I currently have a 28" CRT):

A new model 32" full HD

Older model 37" full HD

Even older model (I think) 42" HD ready:

I've seen some TV's in stores, didn't see any difference between full HD and HD ready but they didn't have a full HD source. Something like this:
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  1. The usual rule in selecting TV's is - bigger the better.. Especially for your intended purposes.. There is not much (if any) difference in picture quality even with full HD content.. So i'd recommend going for the largest screen size you can afford.. Just make sure you are happy with the looks and sound..
  2. Thanks for your reply.
  3. Used to sell TV's - the only reason to go 1080p is if you have a 1080p source (namely bluray). Otherwise, even the over the air satellite stuff isn't enough to justify dropping 5" in tv size for better resolution - youll never see the difference.
  4. Thanks, ordered a bigger HD ready. I'm not keeping even my monitor on the highest resolution, my eyes took 10 years+ of CRT monitors and even if there's a difference I won't see it.
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