Acer laptop will not read hdd when installing xp

Hello, I have an Acer Extensa 4620z, the hdd went out on it, i replaced it and tried installing xp on it cuz i dont have the vista recovery disks but I get a "setup did not find any hard disks drives installed in your computer" message. I also tried windows 7 as well but I get a "no os found" message. My understanding is that this laptop was designed only for vista and not xp, so I'm thinking I need storage drivers for it. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. was it a SATA drive by any chance? if so you need to use the F6 option to install the third party SATA drivers so that windows can see the drive.

    under windows XP choose F6 intel SATA HDD Floppy Utility.

    If you don't have an external floppy drive available you can either get one or use slipstream to make a install disc with them on it.
  2. Thx i will try that.
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