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I'm in the process of getting the parts for a new system. I was going to go for the XP3000 with the 333mhz FSB but when looking at the dabs.com site noticed they list a 400mhz FSB XP3000. Only thing is it has 'long lead time expected'. I presume the processor isn't out yet. As I need the computer built by the end of next month (University calls!) does anyone know whether this will be out soon. If it is alread out (!) are there any other stockists that are selling it?

One last thing is I currently have the following parts:

Coolermaster ATC 710
Globalwin 420w PSU
4 Coolermaster Fans
Creative GF FX 5900 Ultra
Creative SB Audigy 2
Western Digital SATA 120GB HD

I was thinking of getting the Gigabyte 7NNXP (nForce 2 v2) and 2x256Mb Crucial DDR3200 RAM. Can anyone see any problems with this config? I'll mostly be gaming and doing a bit of 3D CAD with the computer.

Thanks a lot and sorry for all the questions!
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  1. Don't worry man, you can find the 400 MHZ Bus version of the Barton 3000+ at www.pricewatch.com

    It sounds like your builiding a pretty hefty system there. The parts that you have mentioned are all fine in my eyes. The only "Creative" brand card I had was A Creative 3D Blaster Voodoo2 while back. The Creative card gave me no problems and I had a great experience with that card. Gigabytes a reputable Motherboard brand and you;ll get the added advantage of "Dual Bios" which can be useful in virus siutiations. One last thing, are you sure you are willing to blow that kind of money on Flagship stuff. The Flagship models offer horrible price/performance ratios. There are other well performing options you probably want conisder that could save you a couple hundred bucks. ...But if money is no object to you it looks like you did your homework well :-)

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  2. If your going tobe doing CAD work then get a gig of RAM.

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  3. If you don't need Firewire, S-ATA, RAID, then buy ABIT NF7. If you need these extra features, then buy ABIT NF7-S

    I recommend Kingston HyperX PC3200 for RAM

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  4. If you are going all out and money doesn't seem to be a problem here, why not get a P4? A P4 2.8C would be faster in most applications and the price is comparible.
  5. Newegg says they have the oem xp3000 with 200 fsb in stock. Check the gigabyte website to see if that ram is supported.
  6. That's a good point you mention there - I can't beleive I overlooked that. :eek: That 3000+ will cost you nearly $300 a P4 with hyperhreading and 800 or 1000 MHz BUS would be better option if you are willing to throw this much into a CPU. But if you want to go with AMD you can get the Athlon XP 2500+ for less than $100 at

    <A HREF="http:// www. pricewatch.com " target="_new">http:// www. pricewatch.com </A>

    and save some bucks by overclocking. You can ask Marvelli, he was able to get his 2500+ running at 3200+ even at stock voltage with his overclock. This is an option I would definately give some thought to or you will be forking over 3 santa Clause sacks of money to squeeze just a little more tooth paste out of the CPU tube speaking figuratively with poor anlagies :frown:

    My OS features preemptive multitasking, a fully interactive command line, & support for 640K of RAM!
  7. Thanks for the advice people :D Got the GeForce today and my god it's huge!

    With regards price....I've got some pretty good deals on the parts. Scan.co.uk do a one day only offers page and I've manged to save about £60-70 so far already.

    The Gigabyte does support DDR400. All of the v2 nForce boards do now. I'll bear the whole Intel thing in mind. I'm not sure if I will try overclocking it TBH but we'll see :D
  8. Try to get at least 1 gb of mem, 2x 512, pc 3200 kingstom Hyperx. But its a pitty that u cant hold on less than a month to buy the pc, that time u can buy a beautiful AMD64:)

  9. Hey Mike. I have a 2500 for sale that ive had running @ 2.3ghz (3400xp) for a month now, but ive got a better chip (does over 2.4ghz on much lower voltage) so its yours if you want it. It does 2167mhz (3000 speed) on 1.7v, 2.2ghz on 1.725v and its been running at 2.3ghz on 1.8v for about 3-4 weeks now. PM me for more info...

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