Dual screen pc + laptop need help!!!!

I am using my PC as a main PC and I have a spare laptop Acer Aspire 5710z and I would like to use the laptop screen as my second screen (dual monitor) is there any program or something that I can do so????
Currently I have connected my pc with the Acer laptop by Internet cable and I am using Team Viewer 5 so I can control my laptop from my PC...but what I really want is to have dual screen instead, My PC as the main screen and laptop second screen...
If anyone know could you please advice me???
Thank you
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  1. It's not possible to do this in the application you would like to use it for.
  2. it is possible to do this - it would either take a lot of hardware knowledge, or a very extensive programming knowledge...

    either way, it is not stuff you can learn overnight or on a forum

    sorry =/
  3. ampedal's got it - it's possible to do, you just have to invent that possibility yourself.
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