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Wow it's been forever since I've posted here on the forum! I recently have had a problem with my hp dv5t laptop screen flickering like crazy. I get all sorts of lines and bars. It's just madness on my screen. The flickering can occur just when the computer is turned on as well, so it's not just happening in windows. This laptop has had a reinstall last year and updated drivers! It also had a slight flickering screen a week after I bought it in late 2008.

What I do know is that my laptop outputs a perfectly good signal through vga and hdmi with no flicker. So I presume that the video cable connecting the gpu and built in lcd is on its way out.

What I would like to know is if replacing the cable with a new one seems like a decent solution? I have read that some people had the motherboard crack due to heat and the gpu was affected causing similar problems. But that does not explain the fact that I can output a perfect picture through hdmi or vga with no problems.

Can anyone verify this problem?

BTW, a new video cable is around $50 USD and a new LCD panel costs about $100.

Too bad I didn't send it back when I noticed the problem right away! I have lived with it for a while and now it's just bad to the point that I know something's going to stop working.

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  1. it is my theroy to always go with the cheapest possible solution first. Worst comes to worst you're out 150 dollars, but have a for sure brand new screen and cable. Start with the cable and see if it works (you might also just get in there and make sure that the existing cable makes secure connection on both ends and inspect the connection points for the connector on the main board and LCD to ensure they are not damaged), if it doesn't get the LCD, if that doesn't work then the mainboard connector for the cable might be your issue.
  2. Thanks Maverick! I totally agree with your logic. I just hope that it isn't the mainboard connector. I'm guessing that would require a new motherboard, which could be a hassle to find with a 1.5 year old laptop.

    Well, here's hoping for the best.
  3. I had a similar issue with my DV5t. I called HP (India, of course) and was told that the cost to fix it was $395. They would only warranty the work for 3 months. Immediately, a red flag went up! I downloaded the service manual and disassembled the laptop. Basically, I removed the LCD panel.
    Then, I removed the LCD bezel from the display to get to the backlight inverter board. Typically, screen flicker is caused by the LCD backlight changing level randomly. This can be caused by loose connectors. Next, I unplugged the 3 connectors, of which 2 were connected to the inverter board and then re-seated them. I re-assembled the computer and, voila! it worked fine. Fast forward 3 months down the line, the problem returned - most likely due to opening/closing the lid, causing the cables to move somewhat. This time, I chose not to disassemble the computer and merely remove the bezel to re-seat the connectors. There are 2 screws underneath the small tabs with adhesive that cover them. After removing them, I was able to remove the bezel and re-seat the connectors. It's a 5 minute job!

    Not a bad racket for HP....I'm sure they can get that labor down to 1 minute with the right amount of coersion.....much cheaper to fix the symptom than to fix the problem, and more profitable, I might add. Will I ever buy another HP product? Absolutely NOT.
  4. That's actually helpful information! Thank you!

    What I ended up doing is disassembling the screen so I could get the exact part number off the cable and order it. I then ordered the part, only to have it backordered so I canceled the order. Luckily, after reseating the cables like you did there are no issues.

    Good info to know for a quick fix! I also checked the display cable where I thought it was frayed and it was not, so the cable is in good working order. It stinks that HP lets this flaw run rampant through the dv5 series. They are quite good laptops otherwise, considering I have one and so does my mother.

    I think now I am less likely to buy an HP laptop, especially after seeing comparable prices with Sager notebooks which tend to have a much higher rep with little problems. And I've heard better things about Asus laptops as well.
  5. just bought a dv5t last month and had the same problem flickering screen, called hp and those arrogant people do not want to replace it even though it is under warranty. Sent it for repairs at Hp facility in Hidalgo, Tx. but they just tried to reload the software again and did not accomplish anything, in fact the laptop started freezing up at any given moment. Hp wants to count all these days trying to fix it against my warranty time. Great disappointment and would think twice before buying another HP product. kennyp
  6. kennyp_92: I'd consider popping open the screen on your laptop when you get it back. All I had to do is disconnect and reconnect the video cable. I noticed that the cable is on the short side so it will wiggle loose over time causing a flickering screen problem. I found a guide somewhere on how to open up your laptop specifically. I used that to disconnect the cable entirely, but found out you don't have to take the laptop apart as I did. Bobwalker's idea is much MUCH quicker and just as effective if that is the problem!

    Yeah, I never plan on getting much support from the company, especially HP. I'd still purchase an HP computer and not spend more than $700 on it. I figured I spent over $1.1k on my HP laptop, so it better work and it's done well so far. I know now that I can buy/build other brands and get a better product.

    I've seen a ton more problems with Dell laptops within the past two years than I have HP. I avoid dell like the plague!
  7. I fixed my display flicker problem using the steps mentioned by Bobwalker. I used the HP dv5t Service Manual for instructions about how to remove the bezel. This was the first time I opened up a laptop display and it was so easy. I am so glad I found this posting. Thanks a lot guys for all the information.
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