Trying to setup amp to headphone - is this right ?

I am trying to get audio from ps3 to headphone via an amp and here's what I am thinking of doing:

FiiO E5
Standard PS3 cables (R/W/Y)

Female audio adaptor

So what I am planning to do is connect the audio cables to the female adaptor, then hook the cable provided by amp to input. Next i connect my headphones to amp = win?

I am not trying to be fancy as this setup is only temporary...
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  1. ok, i looked around a little bit more and found :
    stereo adapter:

    it has a male piece in it so would i just connect it directly to the FiiO E5 (sorry bad link from above) and then connect headphone as normal?
  2. jou could also buy a 3.5mm to RCA cable, it's verry likeley they sell those at your local DIY shop, just plug the red and white cable into your ps3 and then plug the 3.5mm jack into your amp then plug your headphone into the amp and you've got yourself win.
    look for this type of cable
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