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I am having problems with my hp g60-235dx. All of a sudden it was running very laggy on games, so i went to restart my computer and it gets stuck about halfway loading vista.

I have tried separate ram modules to see if i had a bad stick of ram, but nothing helped it. I never get any blue screen's, when i try to boot in safe mode or anything such as last known good configuration the screen just turns black. I have tried doing a system recovery but the screen just turns black also. It still has power and stays on, but it doesn't restart. I have tried running start up test's and it passes it. Then i try to run a hard drive test and it fails that. I have gotten two error's in my error log, they are error 0303, and error 305.

Im thinking that its my hard drive that has failed? Can anyone help me figure out if this is truly whats wrong with it?
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  1. with the cost of a 2.5" hard drive these days you can probably just take the plunge and get one to replace that drive. I suspect the drive as well since it failed tests. This HDD should fit in your unit and increase the speed over your old hard drive to boot.

    Once you get your PC up and running again you can always slap your old HDD into a External enclosure and try to see if you can recover any data off of it.

    If the partition table is damaged you can try using This software to recover your partition and it's data potentially.
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