How big of a file size is windows 7?

im a complete computer noob and just starting to learn a lil bit about the hardware side of it so forgive me if i ever ask anything that may seem dumb...anything i ask is alwyas sincere and any info/answer is appreciated.

i wanted to know the file size because it says you have to have a certain ammount on your hardrive free but is that the file size of hte program or just what it recomends? i ask becuase i wanted to buy an ssd specificaly just for windows 7 and wanted to get the smallest one possible since windows 7 is all im going to have on it however again not sure exactly what i need. any info/thoughts? thanks.
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    Fresh install of Win 7 Home Premium 64bit is just over 20gb. Move the page file to a separate partition/drive that 20gb gets a lot smaller.

    Do some tweaking and get rid of unwanted stuff like EI8 and the 'games' that install with windows. My OS Partition is currently using 10.6gb, which includes drivers and related software. I have the partition set to 25gb in case I reinstall Windows for whatever reason.
  2. I just installed windows-7 32 bit on a laptop with a 40gb intel X25-V SSD. With microsoft security essentials, it takes 13gb. I do not think the 64 bit version is significantly different.
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