P4 2.4C or XP2800

I want to upgrade my computer. These are the options:
-P4 2.4C with Asus P4P800 non-deluxe mobo
-AMD XP2800 with Asus A7N8X Deluxe mobo

I use my system for everything but the only thing that worths for me is the FPS in games. I want to know if the P4 2.4C performns better than XP2800. In an article provided by Tom's Hardware it's clear that P4 2.4C is better in almost everything comparing it with XP2800. Does anyone has any experience with these processors?
I don't care about prices... which is expensive or not. If the Intel is $30 more expensive than AMD, I'd go for Intel. Maybe if the difference is $50 I'd go for Intel too. But my problem is that I don't know if this two processors are comparable or the XP2800 is faster.

Thank you very much.

PS, AMD or Intel lovers, try not to be influenced by your feelings about your so much loved companies =) I need reality here.
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  1. Too close to call. Yes the P4c is very good. The athlon board though has soundstorm, and the xp2800 is no slouch. If we were talking other software it would depend on how much SSE2. For you though, it depends wether the games favor Intel or Amd. If you plan on using an addon soundcard with the A7N8X board, Intel would probably win, but you wouldn't want to do that unless you had an Audigy 11 card.
  2. I own a SB Live 5.1... right now I'm using it with a set of speakers recycled and subwoofer made from myself. I'm not planning in changing my SB by Onboard Sound because I love how it works... I have really bad experience with Onboard Sound. Sometimes it has too much interference.
    I'll look in Asus page about Sound... but I'm sure I won't change my SB Live.

    Thanks for the Reply, if you have anything to add, just do it, it'll be very useful for me.
  3. I have P4 2.4c Abit IS7 Mobo. OC to 3.0 Ghz with stock Hsf.
  4. yea apparently you gan get 3.3 outta them with no problems. Thats hardcore!!!

    If he doesn't die, he'll get help!!!
  5. But stock Hsf will not work past 3.0. To run stable.
  6. I've got as far as 3.12GHz with stock HSF and stable, but 3GHz is the sweet spot for the 2.4C since anything higher than 250FSB and you have to use the 3:2 memory dividor resulting in less memory performance.

    _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
    P4 2.4C @ 3.0GHz 1.525V Stock HSF
    Abit IS7 BIOS v1.3 GAT Auto
    Corsair XMS 512MB TwinX3200C2 2-3-3-6
    GeForce4 Ti4200 AGP8X 128MB
    Seagate Barracuda 80GB SATA
  7. Do you know whether <b>EVERY</b> 2.4c CPU can get all the way up to 3GHz or does this happen only if you are lucky?
  8. I believe the performance of these two processors is very close, that you won't even notice. That's why my suggestion to you will be based on the upgrade options these two boards will offer you. If you go with AMD, you can go only up to 3200+ which has almost identical performance to the 2800+ you are going to buy. On the other hand, the P4P800 can let you later on upgrade up to 3.2GHz or maybe to a Prescott 3.6GHz (this is not 100% sure though, after the rumours that appeared about incompatibility of current boards with soon to be released Prescott CPUs). So, if I had to choose right now among these two, I would follow the Intel route. The AMD route only makes sense for me if you go for a Barton 2500+ (which you can overclock maybe even to a 3200+, it depends on how lucky you are), because then the price difference between the two "packages" will be noticable.
  9. I really thank you guys, you were very helpful. I'll go for Intel 2.4C. Now I'm 90% convinced that it's one of the best.
    About upgrade to Prescott 3.6, I think I'll need i875 chipset which is much more expensive and Asus did his magic "PAT enabled" trick to make i865 work almost as fast as i875. As I'm planning to keep this processor for two or three years (because next upgrade will be video card in one year and a half) I don't think that 3.6 will be the next processor to buy. So... I'll go for 2.4C... if I notice that the new generation games that are about to come don't run as fast as I want... I'll just overclock to 3.0 and see what happens. I own a FX5600 from Albatron. It's the turbo version with faster memory (3.3ns) and this little middle ranged video card also needs a power cord like 5600/U, 5800/U and 5900/U. I think my new system will do what I want for some time =) I only need 60 fps to be happy because I use V-Sync on with no AA/AF.
    I'll read any new suggestions but now It'll be difficult to change my mind.

  10. Well the ones from Malaysia are supposed to be the best. I have two that are made in the Phillipines and they still OC well, so I guess your chances are very good.

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    P4 2.4C @ 3.0GHz 1.525V Stock HSF
    Abit IS7 BIOS v1.3 GAT Auto
    Corsair XMS 512MB TwinX3200C2 2-3-3-6
    GeForce4 Ti4200 AGP8X 128MB
    Seagate Barracuda 80GB SATA
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