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The monitor on my aspire 6930 has started showing these vertical columns on the screen when I turn it on. They are @ 1 inch wide with a space between them of about 2 inches and are black and white. Then if I move the plug in on the hinge of the monitor it sometimes will cause horizontal color streaking. This is intermittant... sometimes I am able to work on my computer for hours before this happens again. It will not happen during the use of the computer but only when I close it down and come back to it. I haven't had anyone look at it nor have I tried to fix it myself. Could this be a hardware problem or could replacing the monitor fix it?
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  1. sounds like the cable that connects the LCD with the motherboard or GPU is going bad. You'd likely have to get the parts from Acer and if your laptop is still under warranty, then you should probably have Acer fix it. If not then you can call Acer (good luck) or check places like ebay and see if you can get one of the cables.
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