Pc audio sounds like its skipping

I don't know what mother board i have but my sound is skipping a lot. I have a 4 year old Toshiba Satellite laptop. I've uninstalled and reloaded the audio drivers, checked my volume settings, even defrag'd and disk checked. My computer knowledge is limited.
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  1. It could be a variety of issues, i.e. the speakers could be going bad, etc... Usually sound on laptops is controlled to a large degree by the CPU. Have you noticed the CPU being "busier" than normal? If it is being hogged by another application or some piece of malware, it could be causing the issue. Try running a virus/malware scan and see if things improve.
  2. If your sound is skipping, it probably isn't speaker-related. It could be a timing issue - does the skip happen in all audio applications? You should, as buwish suggested, check your CPU load also. Did it always do this, or did it just start out of the blue? Have you made any hardware changes?
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